Banana Peels as fertilizer

Here is another tip that does wonders for your garden is free, good for the environment and even great for your health as bananas are also good for you!

Using Banana Peels as fertilizer

First about the nutrients the bananas have that are good for your and your families health:

Bananas have high potassium to sodium content and may prevent high blood pressure and its complications, plus may also prevent renal calcium loss, in effect preventing bone breakdown. So Bananas taste great, they make great desserts like the Banana Flambé or the Crispy Hazelnut Bananas, they come readily packed from nature and are one of the top snacks you should place on your shopping list!

Plus here is the bonus that comes for free:

You can use the banana peels as fertilizer for your garden (works great for roses but for any other plant as well!) Bananas are rich in both phosphorus and potassium which are important macro-nutrients plants need.

How to use the banana peels as fertilizer? Well nothing easier then that, just cut the peels in slices and mix them into the fresh soil and your plants will love it!

I have a separate little plastic box in the refrigerator with a small plastic bag in it where I store the banana peels until I use them , BTW I also store in there the egg peels that are rich in calcium and mix the also into the soil with the banana peels.

So its that easy! And even in the winter time when the soil is still frozen I collect the banana peels and just freeze them to use them in the spring and get my plants growing and blooming in fantastic colors.

Hope those tips help and please contact us and let us know what best worked for you or if you have any other tips for this or other household issues.

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