Fruit and Vegetables Compared and Ranked by Vitamin A, UI content

Vitamin A, UI content  of selected fruit and vegetables

For Info on Vitamin A see:
Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet Vitamin A and Carotenoids

Value in UI per 100 grams of edible portion of raw item

Carrots Nutrition Facts
Carrots are High in Vitamin A

Vitamin A, IU
Carrots 12036
Spinach 9377
Lettuce 7405
Papaya 1094
Tomatoes 833
G.Peas 765
Asparagus 756
Broccoli 660
Peach 326
Orange 225
Grapes 100
Strawberry 90
Banana 65
Apples 54
Pineapple 52
Melon 50
Lentils 39
Pear 23
Cauliflower 13
F.Beans 8

Vitamin A Content or fruit and vegetables
Vitamin A Content or fruit and vegetables

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