Zucchini with Tomato and Onion Stew

Zucchini with Tomato and Onion Stew

This is basically like a Provencal Ratatouille just without the green peppers and eggplants (aubergines) not that I don’t like those just did no have em handy, so you see a light variation of menus is always possible just using what you have at home.

Basic ingredients one Tomato, some Zucchinis and one onion.


Chop the Tomato, Zucchinis and Onion  in small pieces
(smaller or bigger as you like)



 Heat up some butter or olive oil in a pot and add all the ingredients.
You may add some mixed herbs and or garlic to flavor this dish.
Add a little salt and pepper.
Cook and stir for about 5 to 7 minutes.


Serve the zucchini stew with some meat for a healthy dish.
As desert I would recommend an apple tart or fruit salad.

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